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Face Emoticon Name Get
😷Face Medical Mask
😵Dizzy Face
😳Flushed Face
😲Astonished Face
😱Screaming in Fear
😰Open Mouth and Cold Sweat
😭Loudly Crying Face
😫Tired Face
😪Sleepy Face
😩Weary Face
😨Fearful Face
😥Disappointed but Relieved
😤Look of Triumph
😣Persevering Face
😢Crying Face
😂Face Tear of Joy
😁Grinning with Smiling Eyes
😡Pouting Face
😠Angry Face
😞Disappointed Face
😝Stuckout Tongue, Tightly Closed Eyes
😜Stuck-Out Tongue, Winking Eye
😚Kissing with Closed Eyes
😘Face Throwing a Kiss
😖Confounded Face
😓Cold Sweat
😍Smiling with Heart-Shaped Eyes
😋Savouring Delicious Food
😆Smilling, Open Mouth, Tightly Closed Eyes
😄Smilling, Open Mouth, Smilling Eyes
Sun, Sunny / Clear Weather
Cloud, Cloudy
Umbrella with Rain Drop, Rainy
🌂Closed Umbrella
Cup of Coffee, Cup of Tea, Hot Beverage
🌊Wave, Sea Wave
Thunder, Lightning, High Voltage Sign
Sparkles Light / Star
Snow Man
🐠Tropical Fish
🐥Baby Bird / Chick
🐫Bactrian Camel
🐭Mouse Face
🐮Cow Face
🐯Tiger Face
🐰Rabbit Face
🐱Cat Face
🐳Spouting Whale
🐴Horse Face
🐵Monkey Face
🐶Dog Face
🐷Pig Face
🐸Frog Face
🐹Hamster Face
🐺Wolf Face
🐻Bear Face
👄Mouth / Lips
🐾Paw Prints
👆Index Finger / Forefinger Pointing Up
👇Index Finger / Forefinger Pointing Down
👈Pointing Left
👉Pointing Right
👊Fisted Hand Sign / Punch
👋Waving Hand Sign
👌OK Hand Sign
👍Thumb Up Sign / Like
👎Thumb Down Sign / Dislike
👏Clapping Hand Sign
👐Open Hand Sign
🙋Raising One Hand
🙌Raising Both Hands / Banzai
🙏Folded Hand, Sorrow, Regret, Pleading
Victory Hand / Two Fingers / Scissors Hand
Raised Fist / Rock Hand
Raised Hand / Paper Hand
👫Man Woman Holding Hand
👮Police Office
👯Woman with Bunny Ears
👱Woman with Blond Hair
👲Man with Gua Pi Mao
👳Man with Turban
👴Old Man
👵Old Woman
👷Construction Worker
👼Angel, Baby
👾Alien Monster
👿Devil, IMP
💅Nail Polish / Manicure
💋Kiss Mark
💐Bouquet of Flower
💓Beating Heart
💔Broken Heart
💖Sparkling Heart
💗Growing Heart
💘Heart with Arrow / Fall in Love
💙Blue Heart
💚Green Heart
💛Yellow Heart
💜Purple Heart
💝Heart with Ribbon
💏Kiss ?
💑Couple with Heart
💢Anger Symbol, Vein Blood
💤Sleep, Zzz
💦Plewds, Splashing Sweat, Water
💨Running Dash, Fart
💩Poo, Poop
💪Strong Muscled, Flexed Biceps
💻PC, Personal Computer
💾Floppy Disk
💿Optical Disc
📞Telephone Receiver
📠Fax Machine
📱Mobile Phone ?
📲Make a Phone Call ?
🌸Cherry Blossom
🌾Ear of Rice
🍀Four Leaf Clover
🍁Maple Leaf
🍂Fallen Leaf
🍃Leaf Fluttering in Wind
🌙Crescent Moon
🌟Glowing Star
🌴Palm Tree
🍊Tangerine / Orange
🍎Red Apple
🍔Burger / Hamburger
🍸Cocktail Glass
🍺Beer Mug
🎁Wrapped Present / Gift
🎃Halloween / Jack O Lantern
🎄Christmas Tree
🎅Santa Claus, Father Christmas
🎉Party Popper
🎍Pine Decoration
🎎Japanese Dolls
🎏Crap Streamer
🎐Wind Chime
🎓Graduation Cap / Ceremony
🎵Musical Note
🎶Multiple Musical Notes
🎼Musical Score